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Our Products

The Generations – a comprehensive review (Download Now $75)
Ever feel the need to roll several pieces of information into one? Then this is the right report for you.

In this most recent of our five-year updates on the Generations that the American retirement industry serves, you will find a comprehensive review of all the generations and what the implications are for you as an active member of the industry. Also included in this report are the results from and a detailed analysis on the Silent Generation with presentation of common trends and themes. This report is an encyclopedia of information on seniors.

The Silent Generation – a detailed analysis
Name the President of the United States who belongs to the Silent Generation.

If your answer is: “I cannot,” then you are right!

Oddly enough, we have not had a SILENT president – we skipped from GI generator – George Bush Sr. to BOOMER Bill Clinton. Learn “Why?” and more in Brooks Adams Research’s analysis exclusively on the Silent Generation. Through research on seniors across the nation, we have developed twelve major themes for the Silent Generation and provided advice to retirement communities. An overview of the past research and the change in trends is also included.

The Census 2000 “How To” Guide (Download Now $10)
Designed for those of us who like to get “Hands-on.”

Learn to navigate through the labyrinth of Census information with the help of this quick and easy guide, especially put together with the senior industry in mind. You will also find useful tips for preliminary analyses which you can easily do in-house before embarking on an expensive project. Also learn how Census 2000 has focused more on seniors as compared to previous years’ Census taking.

The BAR Net Panel
Now you can avail yourself of BAR’s own home grown panel consisting of a variety of panel members hailing from varied backgrounds, age groups and locations. You can be assured of quality screening and the convenience of a complete solution (from survey design to reporting) if you use our panel.

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