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About us

So who IS an Active Adult? And how do we come into the picture?

An active adult is just that – people who are ACTIVE. And not just any people. We are talking here of the men and women who belong to that enigmatical “50-something” age group. Not just in the number of years of their lives. But also in the way they live and believe. So really we are talking about today’s 50 to 75 year olds...who have made a point of making a point in life. And in everything they do.

So where are these Active Adults? Where do they live? Where can you find them? Well for starters, you can find them our very own website – solely dedicated to teasing out details from this age group about where they live and where they WANT to live. In other words, we are committed to unraveling just one facet of this generation – their housing and real estate preferences.

So go ahead and feel free to make this site your home. We assure you it will keep you on your toes!